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Part of what a professional property manager does is to create an environment where management responds immediately to problems as they emerge and sets the stage for a pro-active approach to address or even prevent related problems in the future. To do that, we create a…Management Plan

In preparing the management plan we analyze the current condition of the property and the mechanisms in place to address the enhancement of its value for homeowners and residents. We examine its history and the cycle of Association activities.

  • Does it meet market standards?
  • What are its physical components?
  • Do they effectively contribute value?
  • Are they outdated?
  • Do they need repair or replacement?
  • What resources are available to address needs?
  • What changes or improvements can be made to enhance the property to maximize homeowner value.

We also look closely at the fiscal side of the property. In Community Associations, the financial side of the operation of the property begins with homeowner contributions or dues. We examine the history of income and expenses and assist the Board of Directors in setting realistic Budgets and adequate Reserves to maximize property value for Homeowners. The management plan also includes up to date insurance coverage, an organized annual calendar, and selection of contractors and service vendors to meet the special service needs of each property.

Let ACT Management, Inc. create a Management Plan for you!

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