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ACT Management Inc. would like to introduce you to the option of our Automatic Payment Plan
, which is available for payment of your monthly associations dues.  Rather than writing checks for your association dues, your checking or savings account can be automatically deducted once a month for your payment.  The Automatic Payment Plan is easy, convenient, flexible, and dependable. 

Proof of payment will appear on your regular bank statement.  If you are interested in enrolling, please complete the ACH Form and submit to ACT Management.  The money will be withdrawn from your account on the 5th day of each month.

For the homeowners who are leasing their property, most Associations require a criminal, credit, and income background check on the tenant, prior to Association approval.  If your association requires this check, please complete the RHR Application, and submit to ACT Management.

Please print the Homeowner Information Form to submit changes to your contact information such as name change, change in mailing addresses, phone number, emergency contact information etc.

For maintenance, please print the Maintenance Request Form and submit to ACT Management.

If you have a grievance, please print the Grievance Form and submit ACT Management.

Forms should be faxed to: (763) 593-9578

Mailed to: ACT Management, Inc.
850 Decatur Avenue Ste #2A
Golden Valley, MN 55427
Emailed to: info@actmanagementinc.com
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